Epic Movie


Let’s face facts: by the time you read this review, many of you will have already gone out and exposed yourself to this steaming pile of cinema, but we’ll try warning you anyway.

As usual, the formula is predictable and the writers – now directors – of this Date Movie follow up tosh must be in the running for Easiest Hollywood Job Award: watch a lot of recent releases, sprinkle in some fart/rap/gross-out gags and voila, that's enough money earned to keep churning more of these films out.

In Epic Movie’s case, the targets are the likes of Narnia, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Harry Potter. Alternating between easy pop culture jokes and attempts at laughter so old the British Museum is launching an investigation into theft, it struggles to find the right tone. Some jokes blast past while others (such as an MTV Cribs parody) are driven into the ground. Please. Make. It. Stop.


Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 9th 2007

User Reviews

    • Dominc

      Jun 12th 2009, 9:24


      A very funny film. This is a film which is funny the first time but you not watch it more than once otherwise it will be boring (I tryed watching it twice) but the first time you watch it you will like it but after that it does get c**p.

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