Fathers Of Girls


Ray Winstone is still the daddy...

Ray Winstone is the daddy, on and off-screen in this lifeless thriller, which sees his own offspring Lois play the daughter whose drug-related death has him combing the mean streets of Wiltshire for her dealer.

More sloth than sleuth, Winstone’s grief-stricken solicitor takes ages to crack a case Lewis would have solved in a tenth of the time co-directors Karl Howman and Ethem Cetintas spend on it.

The crippling lethargy extends to their leading man’s voiceover, Ray’s musings on tea-making being one of several blind alleys down which this dreary pot-boiler stumbles.

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    • egipt

      Nov 25th 2010, 18:18


      As the father of three girls, Ray Winstone was clearly suited for this low-key British melodrama. He plays Frank Horner, a dad trying to find out why his beloved 20-year-old daughter Helen killed herself. Just like his recent 44 Inch Chest, Winstone goes for a subdued reaction to ill fortune rather than the foul-mouthed passion we have come to expect. It suits the naturalistic, European tone from director and writer Karl Howman, who some of you will remember from Brush Strokes. But Howman and his co-director/writer Ethem Cetintas are so concerned with keeping the plot mellow that they have robbed their story of any drama. And that's not good news for the daughters of Winstone, Howman and Cetintas, who take the three main female roles here. last minute last minute last minute wakacje 2011 last minute last minute egipt egipt These fathers would have done their girls a greater favour by giving them challenging roles in a better film.

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