Hungry? You won't be. Watch out for piles upon piles of uneaten popcorn, abandoned in any cinema gutsy enough to spew out this revolting thriller. Don't believe us? How about a touch of cannibalism and todger frying, just for starters? As if these stomach-churning cases weren't enough for detective Philipp Jackson (Jack Thompson), he's soon assigned to the altogether nastier "Feeder" website - where browsers pay to see overweight women fed up to gargantuan sizes before they mysteriously vanish.

With its none-too-PC theme and sicko scenes of vomiting, force-feeding and masturbation, Feed was never going to be to everyone's taste. It's just a shame helmer Brett Leonard's desire to shock overwhelms the anorexic plot before he serves up a horrendous climax that will have 'em hurling in the aisles.


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    • mizzoH

      Apr 9th 2009, 22:25


      After having seen the Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin shine as Mick St. John in the US TV series "Moonlight", I decided to look into his previous movies and TV shows. "FEED" is a movie that he not only starred in, but one that he also co-wrote and co-produced. Initally alerted by a friend to the existence of the subculture of "feeders" and "gainers", Alex did months of research on the subject before proceeding to make the movie on a tight budget and in only 28 days. The entire film was shot in Australia. In "FEED", Alex O'Loughlin portrays Michael Carter, an American feeder who runs a website offering a live camera feed (there's that word again) of gainers to paying subscribers. Patrick Thompson is Philip, an Australian cyber crime investigator who stumbles upon Michael's site and gets suspicious about his true motives. Having just closed a very disturbing case, Philip has some issues of his own plaguing him. Ignoring orders from his superior, he travels to Ohio to investigate Michael further. What he discovers there shocks him to the core. Alex O'Loughlin is masterful as the antagonist. As is the case in "Moonlight", where he portrays an American vampire in LA, his American accent as Michael Carter is impeccable. Which is rather amazing when you've heard him speak with an Australian accent in interviews and in other productions. O'Loughlin has the ability to convey a remarkable range of emotions through facial expressions only and he does it very subtly. Even though Michael Carter is the "bad guy", he manages to make him endearing, creepy and quite funny all at once. "FEED" is full of black humor and the catchy pop songs used throughout the movie underline this. In the end, you'll be wondering who the real antagonist is and who the real protagonist. I highly recommend that you watch the special features first to get a better understanding of the background of the movie. The press Q&A "FEED in Philadelphia" and the interview with Alex O'Loughlin are very enlightening.

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    • captainchod

      Nov 10th 2009, 15:41


      Awful, awful, awful!!!

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    • MichaelC2B

      Apr 1st 2010, 5:00


      FEED is a fantastic movie for anyone who appreciates something different and a bit of dark humor. After discovering Alex O'Loughlin on TV I set out to collect his previous work on DVD. The first one I found was FEED. I actually rented it and after watching it went ahead and bought it. There was no way I was giving it back! The entire cast is excellent, but Alex just shows off as manic Michael Carter. He and his costar Patrick Thompson had come up with the idea of a thriller about feeders and gainers and presented it to Brett Thompson. Between the three of them they turned it into a thriller/dark comedy. Gabby Millgate plays Gabby, Michael's "gainer". She is NOT actually 602 pounds - she wore a very realistic fat suit. People who had not watched the extras on the DVD thought she was really that big. She is a comedic actress, and she and Alex played off of each other so well - they brought about many of the laughs. Not only would I recommend the extras and deleted scenes on the DVD, but I would also recommend the UK version of the DVD which has a voiceover commentary selection by Brett Leonard. The film was made on a very low budget in about 28 days (very impressive to me, considering the results), and Brett has so many funny and interesting stories to tell about the making of the film the cast, etc. Again, if you have an open mind buy FEED - you will love it. If you are a fan of Alex O'Loughlin you HAVE to have FEED. FEED has now become somewhat of a "cult classic" at this point, so you can buy the DVD, poster and the soundtrack at Amazon and several other sites. The soundtrack is awesome. It has some of the dialogue and some of the best music put together on one DVD I have ever seen. For those of you who watch the movie, take note that Alex does his own stunts, and that was really him that jumped off the balcony. In the extras it is great fun to listen to FEED in Philly where producer Mellisa Beauford and Alex talk about that and other aspects of making the movie in an audience question and answer session. Alex is as always great fun, and the audience obviously loved him. Just listening to his natural Australian acccent as compared to his american accent in the film is amazing. I have never heard anyone from another country do an american accent as well as Alex. I have also heard him do Irish, southern american and British, all to perfection. Alex rocks and so does FEED. Buy the DVD - you will be glad that you did.

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