Final Destination 3


If you experience a certain horrific feeling of déjà vu or a premonition, much like our wide-eyed leading lady (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) – when watching Final Destination 3, like you know exactly what’s going to happen, then you’re not alone. Because we’ve been here twice before and know exactly what to expect. A pack of utterly disposable teen characters cheat death (this time, the big opener is set on a rollercoaster) before being slaughtered in ever more outrageous ways. Like its forebears, this makes no excuses and never tries to be anything other than glossy and gory. And, in these meagre aims, it at last partially succeeds – even as the plot becomes ever more pointless (apart from the blades, nails and hefty fence posts, of course). Sadly, you’ll quickly clock that you really have seen it all before. Bloodhounds, though, will love it.




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    • captainchod

      Nov 10th 2009, 15:50


      Disappointing next to the first two, but still has some good, nasty death scenes!

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    • jacoblost48

      Nov 28th 2009, 18:30


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