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Timetravel through a urinal? Now you really are taking the...

Science fiction geek Ray (The IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd) thinks he’s being wound up when he meets a woman from the future (Anna Faris, in desperate need of a new agent) down his local boozer. Even more suss – his cynical best mate Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly) declares he’s found a way to time travel via the pub urinal…

Wanting to be the SF answer to Shaun Of The Dead so badly it smarts, this doggedly quirky Brit-com repeatedly betrays the small-screen background of director Gareth Carrivick.

As a TV pilot it might have had potential; but an undercooked, rapidly unravelling script, low-grade production values (is that the best future costume you have?), plodding direction and an apologetically crap ending are not worth the price of a cinema ticket in these belt-tightening times. Without a time-bending pisser, it’s a couple of hours you won’t get back.

Jane Crowther

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    • Andrew123

      Dec 17th 2010, 12:16

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