Friends With Kids


A sharp, funny thirtysomethings’ romcom drama

As you'd expect, it’d take some lady to tame Don Draper. So it’s no surprise that Jennifer Westfeldt – Jon Hamm’s longtime partner – proves a sharp, funny, ambitious talent in her directorial debut.

But the two characters in her thirtysomethings’ romcom drama are a little trickier to like. Lifelong BFFs Julie (Westfeldt) and Jason (Adam Scott) are perfect for each other – except they don’t fancy each other.

After watching their married friends crack under the pressure of parenthood, they hatch a plan: make a baby and raise it as platonic single parents who are each “100 per cent committed to this, half the time”. Irresponsible, much? You bet.

And sure enough, Friends With Kids develops with an uncomfortable mixture of keen observation and forced falsities. Westfeldt is cute but disappointingly weak, Scott is cocksure but too dorky to play a player. He effortlessly pulls Megan Fox. Westfeldt swans around in immaculate Manhattan fashion. But as people, they’re selfish, silly and not very real.

And it’s their friends – Westfeldt’s real-life partner bringing his Bridesmaids’ co-stars with him – who provide the real heart. Maya Rudolph and Chris O’Dowd bring warmth as resilient kiddie-wranglers. Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig are another level, subtly, painfully showing a relationship frosting over and breaking.

But Friends With Kids remains a mix of sitcom predictability, Apatow brashness and – in its best moments – fresh honesties rarely seen in Hollywood romcoms. There are surprises, too: which other movie would put Megan Fox and explosive diarrhoea in the same scene?


Smart dialogue, a gifted ensemble and good intentions from Jennifer Westfeldt, but her grown-up romcom can’t quite escape feeling like a sitcom on the big screen.

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    • copycave

      Jun 29th 2012, 14:57


      If think you have got this slightly wrong, I agree whilst Westfeldt does initially come off a little weak, she certainly grows into the role and overall does a very good job. I also think Adam Scott makes a believable "player" if you will. I find it strange that would you suggest that Hamm & Wiig are on another level. They hardle have any screen time, but where I do agree is that they are both very good with what they have. I don't recall Wiig cracking any jokes but she certainly displays some great character cracks. This film had my wife crying in parts and ticks all of the boxes of a great rom-com.

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    • fivedollarshake

      Jul 5th 2012, 17:22

      Only three stars? Are you mad?! This film had me bawling my eyes out, thought it was best rom com I've seen in years. The scene round the table at the ski cabin literally had me on the edge of my seat. I agree Westfeldt was a bit weak at first (with her weird upper lip quivering all the time) but she totally won me over. One criticism I would have is that 'having kids' is seen as the only way for life 35+, the alternative is portrayed by Megax Fox, a largely vacuous character.

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