Guinea pig superheroes. In 3D.

Easily the best 3D actioner about guinea pig superheroes we’ve ever had to review, this Jerry Bruckheimer production is a surprisingly light-footed caper for cinema’s reigning king of bombast.

Largely avoiding the anything-goes approach favoured by the similar Cats & Dogs, this goofy tale of four-legged fuzzballs tackling a Transformers-style plot to turn every domestic appliance into a killing machine has a wisecracking playfulness that proves no one from director Hoyt H Yeatman Jr down is taking things remotely seriously.

And even if the film eventually does degenerate into one noisy chase, the voice talents involved (Penelope Cruz as a glamorous gerbil, Steve Buscemi as a duplicitous hamster, Nicolas Cage as a myopic mole) invest the enterprise with more credibility than you’d ever expect.

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    • johnmoorefan

      Aug 30th 2009, 17:45


      Not as bad as I suspected, but still pretty passable. Kids might like it on DVD

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    • sarahpaul

      Jan 18th 2011, 13:15

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