Glee: The 3D Concert Movie


Get your Gleek on. And your silly specs.

Glee movie review

Glorified karaoke it may be, but there’s no doubt Glee’s mush of pop covers and show tunes fills a kitsch niche for millions.

It’s they who’ll be best served by this record of the cast’s 2011 tour, filmed in New Jersey before a hyperventilating audience that laps up every over-amplified, auto-tuned number.

Selected members of said throng – a dwarf cheerleader, a girl with Asberger’s and a young gay in thrall to Chris Colfer’s Kurt – plug the gaps between songs with mawkish confessionals.

But don’t look for Coach Sylvester (Jane Lynch) as seen in the trailers – she’s being saved for the DVD.

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