Hammer Of The Gods


A savage but unsatisfying Viking ruck

“Kiss my fucking axe!” growls one of Steinar’s (Charlie Bexley) Viking warriors, anachronistically. The year, after all, is 871, and their mission is to cross a (suspiciously) sparsely populated Snowdonia looking for their tribe’s AWOL heir, overcoming Saxons and heathen intrigue on the way.
Gamely directed and acted, but a little threadbare in terms of plot and design, it’s suitably savage but not quite fun enough to forgive the flaws.
Imagine TV’s The Vikings with a twist and you won’t be disappointed, but the biggest heroics on show here are in the budget-stretching department.

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    • matthewbrady

      Oct 20th 2013, 2:27


      This movie was hammed straight to DVD. this movie was lame and this movie feels like a Bad game of thrones episode.I mean the fight sense got old quick.

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