He's Just Not That Into You


Did he like me? Should I call him? Etc...

He’s Just Not That Into You is not a film. It’s a very, very long episode of Sex And The City. But already, we’re giving it too much credit.

Based on an almost-certainly awful ‘self-help’ bestseller, this romcom sprang from a line of dialogue in an episode of Sex And The City. That’s right. Not even an episode. Just a line. Talk about making a little go a long way.

And yet here are some of Hollywood’s biggest (good-looking) support actors. Frisky yoga instructor Scarlett Johansson is having an affair with married guy Bradley Cooper, instead of settling down with her sincere boyfriend Kevin Connolly, who went on a date with unlucky-in-love Ginnifer Goodwin, but should probably be with Drew Barrymore anyway.

Wait, it goes on. Kind-hearted Ben Affleck doesn’t want to marry his long-time partner Jennifer Aniston, who works with over-serious home decorator Jennifer Connelly, whose husband is having an affair with Scarlett Johansson...

And on, and on, and on. Frighteningly, He’s Just Not That Into You feels like it could go on forever. Even more frighteningly, it nearly does. For two hours and nine minutes you’ll never get back.

But somehow, despite a script brimming with half-truths about the rules of relationships, this classy cast strike a few genuine sparks of amusement and emotion out of nothing.

Aniston makes you wish she’d take more serious roles more often. Justin Long is charismatic as a lothario bar-manager with all answers. Connelly’s fractured expression when she discovers Cooper’s infidelity (gasp, spoiler!) is way too good for this kind of movie.

Shame these flashes of wit and observation are smothered by smug voice-overs, walking clichés masquerading as real people, mock woman-on-the-street interviews and - worst of all - another depressingly inane representation of modern woman. Shoes. Oooh! Weddings. Aaah! Men. Sob...

Jonathan Crocker


A bad film half-resusitated by a classy cast that it really doesn’t deserve. If you see it, be grateful how good Aniston, Long and Connelly are. If you see the book it’s based on, set fire to it.

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    • thedarkknight

      Feb 19th 2009, 8:51


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      Mar 29th 2009, 20:20


      Oh dear. Once again, a romantic comedy has taken an initially interesting idea, only to knock it down and descend into a pile of predictable, sentimental rubbish. There is one thing though that stands out as original and, in a weird way, inviting - casting well known actors in supporting roles. It stars Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanson and Drew Barrymore stumbling round on the side lines, while charming but irritating newcomer Ginnifer Goodwin takes most of the spotlight as the cheerful young woman who is taught the explanation of the film's title "If a bloke doesn't call, he's just not that into you." This is not a good movie, but in desperate times, when the public are in need of a passable romantic comedy, this almost (and I stress almost) could be an excuse for one.

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    • Phoenix81

      Jul 28th 2009, 15:27


      Wasn't this meant to be a comedy??

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