Hit So Hard


Documentary about the life of Hole drummer Patty Schemel

Purportedly the story of drummer Patty Schemel’s (’90s alt-rockers Hole) rise and fall, but really an attempt to shoehorn in as much of her home-filmed Kurt Cobain footage as possible, P David Ebersole’s scrappy documentary is a mess of talking heads sharing half-remembered truths.

What hits hardest is how, without Cobain’s talent, grunge’s veneration of self-obsession/destruction really curdles.

“I am announcing my persona as a cunt!” slurs chief culprit Courtney Love, just another hollow-eyed survivor of the era who has seemingly learnt nothing at all.

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    • Ichi1

      Nov 5th 2012, 16:23


      Maybe you should have had someone not so h*****n Cobain's jock write this review. As a long time fan of Hole, long before Cobain was part of circle, I thought this documentary was great. Schemel is a great drummer. A really great drummer. And her story was very interesting. This documentary also offered great insight into what ultimately lead to Hole's downfall. What a b******t review. Guess what? Schemel was friends with Cobain and in a band with his wife....he is going to show up in footage of her shot around that time. Pull that drumstick out of your a*s Glasby.

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    • ichabodabsolom

      Feb 19th 2014, 18:36

      I just finally saw this film. Although the footage of Cobain and Francis Bean was touching it really belongs in another movie, apparently the powers that be felt it would not be interesting enough otherwise. I only watched this film because I was interested in Schemel's story, which sadly enough only starts in the last half hour and is totally glossed over. The most interesting part to me would have been her struggle on the streets for two years. Even though her band was Hole I could have done without any footage of Courtney Love just because she is a given, she is wasted in all her on camera time, and has proven to be a bit of a pathological liar post rock fame and therefore completely unreliable. What saddens me most is there is zero time given to Schemel's inner demons and what drove her self-destructive descent into the abyss...which is apparently what the film was supposed to be about. The band had a couple of good albums which were relevant to the time but Schemel should take pleasure in the fact that the one produced by her tormentor was poor and seen as a double cross by a lot of prior Hole fans. The story here, from someone who has been in recovery, is what inside Schemel lead her to try to extinguish herself with drugs, and how on earth she survived the very low bottom skid row existence and made it back to a sane existence, something very, very few addicts are able to accomplish before institutionalization, incarceration, or death (or some combination). Her story is an absolute miracle to be told, and this film does not do it. I really would love for Schemel to write a book, not about Cobain, not about Francis Bean, not about Love, but about HER STORY, and her life on the streets and how she unlike so many addicts in those same circumstances managed not to die out there.

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