Horrid Henry: The Movie


Brash and energetic 3D antics for little horrors...

Horrid Henry review

Britain’s favourite literary brat gets his first big-screen outing, which is manic with primary-coloured mayhem but little else.

Henry (Theo Stevenson) and his Purple Hand Gang try to save their sinking school from the machinations of rival headmaster Vic Van Winkle (elegantly evil Richard E. Grant).

Kids will enjoy the gobby tween attitude and energy, but the paper-thin plot and extraneous 3D antics don’t provide the solid laughs of, say, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

There’s little for the adult cast to chew on, but Anjelica Huston’s glowering gargoyle of a teacher is eminently enjoyable.

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    • elmarinero77

      Jul 30th 2011, 11:47

      Is Total Film getting slipped bribes for avoiding bad reviews? Saw the trailer for this and even my 10 year old thought it looked terrible.(And she liokes the cartoon and books) The review reads like you haven't watched it and just had to put out a puff piece saying 'well, kids will like it.' Bet it drops at least one star once it gets to DVD.

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