Hotel For Dogs


The title should be taken literally

If you lapped up Beverly Hills Chihuahua, this canine caper about two siblings who turn a derelict hotel into a refuge for stray pooches will no doubt be the mutt’s nuts.

But once you’ve tittered at the Heath Robinson contraptions employed to entertain the patrons in Emma Roberts and Jake T Austin’s absence, however, there’s nowhere else for Thor Freudenthal’s comedy to go ahead of the climactic race for the county line and the inevitable lecture on the need to be good to our four-legged friends, delivered by Don Cheadle in his cameo role as the kids’ implausibly devoted social worker.

Elsewhere Lisa Friends Kudrow and Kevin Entourage Dillon have fun as the heroes’ loathsome foster parents, while the hounds are impeccably

Roberts, alas, is the very definition of bland in a scrawny part that does even less to advance her career than Wild Child and Nancy Drew.

Neil Smith


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    • graham6

      Mar 19th 2009, 16:18


      This is good kiddy fun, and that's all it set out to be. The roles palyed by the young cast are virtually all dire, with the exception of Kyla Pratt, and the dogs aren't as cute as mutts who featured in other dogs films, like 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' or 'Marley and Me.' The best turn is from Lisa Kudrow, but my opinion is slightly tainted as I'm such a fan of Phoebe (the character she played in friends.) There's an original plot, and it looks great considering how little it cost. Overall, a leave your brain at home kiddy flick.

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    • Son88

      Jan 17th 2011, 18:15

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