I, Frankenstein


Less than the sum of its parts…

He’s alive! But you might wish he wasn’t after seeing this knuckle-headed fantasy. Aaron Eckhart muscles up as Adam, a stick-fighting, ass-kicking version of Dr. Frankenstein’s creature caught up in modern-day war between gargoyles and demons.

Adapting from the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, who was also behind the Underworld series, Pirates Of The Caribbean scribe Stuart Beattie directs as if his life depends on it – which means sacrificing subtlety and throwing as much CG at the screen as possible. Eckhart goes for broke as the tortured soul, but only Bill Nighy, as a demonic tycoon, has any real fun.

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    • matthewbrady

      Mar 9th 2014, 23:10


      The visual effect's in this movie was really Bad and the main villain played by Bill Nighy was okay but I didn't think he was evil enough, Aaron Eckhart was okay in his role of the monster (Frankenstein) the rest of the film is average watch.

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    • jontherkildsen

      Apr 14th 2014, 16:25


      It is a movie without purpose or aim. I am sure the teaser to the studio rocked, I mean com on the premise smells of so much potential and it is about one of the true greats. Finally a chance to lift Frankenstein into the next millennia. Could have been great, if done with heart, love and soul – as I imagine the original teaser that convinced the studio or even Aaron was. Yet, as with so much here in life, when it came to execution it fell flat on its face, and not halfway in... from the first five minutes, you could fell no soul of love in this telling. Offers nothing, will be forgotten by the time if have finished this senten.....

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