Into The Storm


Bring a phone with an umbrella app

In what’s basically a found-footage Twister, a storm-chasing film crew (lead by The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies) crosses paths with a single father (Richard Armitage) when a record-breaking weather front hits town. While the tornado FX are often impressive, everything in between is as impactful as a light breeze.

Armitage resists the urge to slip into hero mode, but his stoic good guy is surrounded by characters that are either bland, annoying or both. And the found-footage format is undone by clunkingly unnatural dialogue and internal-logic inconsistencies.

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    • matthewbrady

      Aug 26th 2014, 13:59


      This movie is like Sharknado but if you take out the sharks. Okay let me name of the few good things in this movie: The visual effect's was well done and the acting wasn't that bad as I thought it will be. But there is a lot of bad things in this movie like the characters are mostly idiots or just a*****es. The story is... oh wait, there is no story; just some idiots chasing wind and getting themselves killed. This is not the worst movie of the year but it seriously not good. with bad directing and it's a summer movie that nobody is going to remember. Overall Into the Storm as I said it's not a good movie, but not a terrible movie.

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