Johnny English Reborn


Die of laughing another day…

Having already foisted one unwelcome comedy sequel upon us in Mr Bean’s Holiday, Rowan Atkinson churns out another with a follow-up to his 2003 spy spoof that proves you really can have too much of something that wasn’t particularly amusing in the first place.

As with the first Johnny English, the jokes are either non-existent or sign-posted so far in advance you’ll spend most of the time watching the film waiting for it to catch you up.

Director Oliver Parker has a bigger budget to play with than his predecessor Peter Howitt did, allowing for one scenic jaunt to Hong Kong, a motorised wheelchair chase down The Mall and a Bondian finale atop a Swiss alp.

None of this, though, can conceal the paucity of invention in Hamish McColl’s lethargic script, which sees Atkinson’s disgraced spook pressed back into service to thwart an assassination attempt on the Chinese PM, a mission that inevitably leads to him making schoolboy errors, grabbing the stick’s wrong end and kicking people repeatedly in the bollocks.

You have to feel for Gillian Anderson, Dominic West and erstwhile Bond girl Rosamund Pike, their cut-out roles as testy boss, suave associate and pretty behavioural psychologist entailing little more than standing by and watching Rowan do his shtick.

Yet what makes JE2 an especially painful experience is its leading man’s misguided attempt to put flesh on his buffoon’s bones. This time around, he apparently wants us to warm to and root for clueless Johnny – a character who, lest we forget, was only created to hawk Barclaycards to the masses.

This isn’t so much Reborn, then, as reheated and regurgitated. Time perhaps to come up with some fresh ideas – or maybe make the Blackadder movie we’d all much rather see?


Unless the first English left your funny bone aching for more, there are few quantums of solace to be had in these sub-Austin Powers low-jinks.

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    • writerdave87

      Oct 11th 2011, 14:05

      Couldn't you have taken them to see a good film instead?

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    • trist808

      Oct 11th 2011, 15:03

      An idiot taking a bunch of idiots to see an idiot perform on the big screen. Irony right there ...

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    • writerdave87

      Oct 11th 2011, 15:27

      Trist that's unfair, we dislike Dalidab because he's a hateful little moron, not because he's autistic. The others are probably fine. Dalidab, I'm not meaning to be particularly clever but I doubt you even know what 'clever' looks like...

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    • marc96

      Oct 11th 2011, 15:53

      i didnt think the first film was terrible, so im sure i'd enjoy it lol

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    • demmike

      Oct 11th 2011, 19:28

      @writerdave87 and trist808. Your'e quite cool spending your time abusing others online, aren't you?

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    • writerdave87

      Oct 11th 2011, 22:03

      Abusing dalidab is the reason I get up in the morning. Seriously though, joking aside Dalidab that's actually pretty cool, hope you and your friends have a good time.

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    • Seedorf

      Oct 12th 2011, 16:27

      Is there no end to sequels of c**p films? I don't blame people for liking c**p films, hell, I like some myself. It does amaze me though, how many c**p films get sequels.

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    • Heisenberg

      Oct 13th 2011, 20:16

      @dalidab, that is pretty cool, but you were showing that ur not a complete mooseknuckle but then you mentioned another person to die, losing respect again lol. @trist, don't be a d******d. i enjoyed the first one too, it's a simple humour but atkinson plays it so well(almost Bean like) and i've always found him funny.

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    • jonnykerr13

      Oct 18th 2011, 12:45

      Who'd have thought a film could be so s**t it would lead to autism bashing. Poor show guys.

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    • Jrdnsans1792

      Oct 18th 2011, 23:43


      I didn't mind the first 'Johnny English', but this was just a ridiculously bad film, best avoided even for Rowan Atkinson fans.

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    • Ashireb

      Nov 26th 2011, 21:45


      In my opinion, this film is great... It has action, and it's very funny.

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