Jumping The Broom


Another culture clash wedding comedy that fails to show us anything we haven't seen before

Jumping The Broom review

If you think most wedding-themed comedies are saccharine, vapid, and soulless, then Jumping The Broom will do nothing to change your point of view.

The ho-hum story finds two different but equally dysfunctional African-American families converging for a wedding on posh Martha’s Vineyard.

Cultures clash, sparks fly, soup gets spilled but, in the end, we all learn an important lesson about love, prayer, and forgiveness. Ick.

Mike Epps shines as a wisecracking uncle, but otherwise this extremely formulaic time-waster offers little beyond its lame Hallmark greeting-card platitudes.

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    • FBBBridges

      Aug 11th 2011, 19:45

      I thought this movie was amazing, it was filled with love, trials and tribulations and most of all, victories. Although its fiction, it really touched my heart and that’s why I went and watched it twice in the movies. I recently heard that it’s available on DVD at Blockbuster so I definitely went and rented it! Thankfully, I’m taking advantage of the special promotion that let’s me rent movies for the next three months and I don’t even have to pay for it. I’m happy that I have my employee account with DISH Network because I find out about all of the best promotions and I’m always telling people about it and people can go here to get more information!

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