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Jurassic Park review

The setup’s fiendishly simple.

Throw a few characters together, trap them on an island - then fill that island with rampaging dinosaurs.

Blockbusters would never be the same again, but it’s worth remembering there’s only six minutes of CGI in this, its supposed coming-out party.

Unleashed in 1993, Jurassic’s a classic not because of the computer whizzery, but Steven Spielberg’s eye for stomach-clenching peril and telling character moments alike - we get to know the dino-fodder before they hit the menu, so the resulting buffet is all the more intense.

Add to all this a succession of set-pieces most filmmakers would give their left viewfinders for, and you have one of the big screen’s very greatest thrill-rides.

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    • joeymac

      Sep 19th 2011, 22:56


      The very finest Monster Blockbuster of modern times. It's left some awfully big, muddy shoes to fill - a feet (sic) which no film has yet managed.

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