A thief miraculously brings a drowned boy back to life

Scurrying out of the bitter winter wilderness, a wide-eyed thief (Sermet Yesil) drags a drowned boy out of the river – and miraculously brings him back to life.

He’s welcomed into a tiny village in the Turkish mountains, where he begins to cure the sick, utter cosmic gibberish and steal from the tills. Is he the Messiah or a very naughty  boy?

Curious to say the least, director Reha Erdem’s enigmatic fable never gives the game away, which gets slightly tedious over two hours. But the bleak, dramatic scenery and sheer oddness here just about keep up the intrigue.

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    • sciworks

      Nov 20th 2012, 1:56


      This is a weird film. It isn't what you expect, the main character seems to go from one person to the next and heals them, maybe or maybe not! He may be making them worse or may be doing nothing at all, who knows? Ok, the bit that stuck with me, and I just knew it was coming, was the pain in the cow's eye as it was being ritually slaughtered, you could see the pain in close-up, so no-one tell me that ritual slaughter doesn't hurt, barbaric! I am not sure what the director was trying to convey in that scene, was it sympathy for the cows or something else, again, who knows? It has left me feeling anger for our system allowing ritual slaughter to be legal in this country for the sake of medieval religious dogma.

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