After a predictable diet of American Pie, the teen comedy gets a distinctly controversial, European makeover. Based on a Spanish play, Krámpack drops in on spotty 17-year-olds Nico (Fernando Ramallo) and Dani (Jordi Vilches) as they lounge away the summer at Dani's posh house. With parents out of town, Nico decides it's time they both popped their cherries - - except that Dani is falling in love with Nico. Things are further complicated by the lads' mutual masturbation sessions and a gay novelist called Julian (Chisco Amado)...

What follows is a well-observed game of sexual hide-and-seek. For Nico, it's a case of running around like a dog on heat while Dani quietly struggles to understand his feelings. Director Cesc Gay resists the temptation to tie up all the loose ends, leaving us wondering what's going to happen once the long hot summer is over. It's safe to say Krámpack 2: What Happened At Band Camp is not in the pipeline.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 3rd 2003

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