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Poor, poor Keira. You’d think her yuppie English fashion writer, Joanna, would be happy with her upscale New York lifestyle, inconceivably spacious apartment and hunky Aussie husband (Sam Worthington). Alas, no.

Convinced her hubby’s got the hots for his sultry co-worker, Laura (Eva Mendes), Joanna is tempted by old beau Alex (Guillaume Canet) when her spouse and Laura head off for an overnight business trip in Philadelphia.

It’s only a matter of time before Joanna or her other half caves, but who will give in first, and with whom?

Here are a few things about Last Night. It’s written and directed by Massy Tadjedin, who penned Knightley’s underrated time-travel tale The Jacket. It’s co-produced by Satsuki Mitchell, Daniel Craig’s ex. And it is edited by one Susan E Morse, better known for her long association with Manhattan misery-guts Woody Allen.

All of the above is infinitely more interesting than the movie itself; a glum, navel-gazing affair that asks us to invest in self-absorbed protagonists living absurdly narcissistic lives. “I’ve got to finish that accessories piece!” moans Joanna ahead of an arduous day that sees her lightly tapping on a MacBook Air, popping out for coffee and painting her toenails.

The night, meanwhile, sees her mooning around the Village with gorgeous Guillaume, an evening that involves dinner with a knowing acquaintance (Griffin Dunne), taking a pal’s pooch for a walk and dewy-eyed reminiscences of happier times.

Down in Philly the co-workers end up raiding the mini-bar, stripping down to their undies and going for a nocturnal dip in the hotel pool. “You can be happy and still be tempted!” he explains, though it’s hard to read guilt – or any other emotion come to that – in that expressionless physiognomy.

And so it continues, meandering towards a potentially literal climax that’s impossible to care about. Small wonder the dog looks so sleepy.


“Tell me something that counts!” Joanna implores Alex in an opulent slice of designer piffle with a plot as thin as its beanpole star. We’re still waiting for the response.

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    • Calcifer

      Jun 15th 2011, 10:14

      I must say this review echoed in much better form the way I felt about this film. I should have stopped watching when the forced drama of Michael having a female co-worker was aired by a needlessly jealous and untrusting Joanna (why does everyone in the film seem to think she is such a great woman?), but for some reason I wanted to see what happened. Terrible mistake. "Oh no I have such an easy life I wish something would come along and make it just not quite so boring..." Truly this is another Hollywood piece of garbage designed to keep the tradition of telling us that men are bad and will cheat on you, while women will just accuse you of cheating but generally be good because women are better than men. I think the world could have done without this trash.

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