Le Gout Des Autres


The latest from French husband-and-wife writing team Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui (Same Old Song, Un Air De Famille), is an enjoyably nimble, Oscar-nominated, romantic comedy.

Set in the laid-back town of Rouen, Le Goût Des Autres (The Taste Of Others) follows the interactions between a number of mismatched individuals. Castella (Bacri) is a provincial industrialist, unhappily married to interior decorator Angélique (Christiane Millet) until he falls for middle-aged stage actress Clara (Anne Alvaro). Meanwhile Castella's chauffeur (Alain Chabat) begins a relationship with a barmaid (Jaoui)...

Comically exposing the snobberies that restrict people, Le Goût Des Autres is engrossing thanks both to the quality of the ensemble performances and the sympathy the film-makers extend to their credibly human characters.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 25th 2001

User Reviews

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