Impressive low-budget sci-fi from debut director William Eubank

1864: A US civil war scout finds a mysterious something.

2039: a lone astronaut (Gunner Wright) is abandoned in space for reasons unknown.

2012: wunderkind William Eubank has our attention.

While his debut will infuriate some in its adherence to Kubrick’s cryptic stargazing and Malick’s spiritual yearning, others will be excited that those comparisons are worth making.

Somehow – for only $500,000, using a set he built in his parents’ yard – Eubank has fashioned an avant-garde Moon, harnessing greater ambition and technical flair than most mega-budget hype magnets.

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    • allicks

      Feb 22nd 2014, 19:55

      Great review from Total FIlm. This film recently showed on iPLayer. This guy Eubank has to be one of the best cinematographers working. The Civil War sequence at the beginning could BE Malick, this guy really has NAILED Malick. Even the voiceover writing is superb. The visuals are second to none. Yes, it's slavishly derivative of Kubrick at the end, but as this review points out, it's done SO WELL that you admire it. This guy seriously knows what he's doing with a camera. It looks better than almost anything I've seen for the last ten years. It just shows budget is secondary to skill.

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