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Jake and Anne’s chemical romance…

Love and other drugs review

In case you didn’t know, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal do a lot of shagging in this movie.

And they would have you believe from their junketeering that this is all in pursuit of ‘art’, that Love & Other Drugs is a racy snapshot of modern romance – that the nudity informs the bigger issues of fatal illness, the US healthcare system and true love. That they wouldn’t get their bits out for just any old project. Protesting too much? Yep.

Ignore the self-important buzz and you’ve essentially got a superior romcom disease-of-the-week drama with great chemistry between its leads and plenty of T&A. Which is no bad thing.

So why the pretensions? Maybe it’s because Edward Zwick’s (Defiance) film is adapted from Jamie Reidy’s real-life memoirs Hard Sell: The Evolution Of A Viagra Salesman, a sharp catalogue of misdeeds in the American pharmaceutical industry.

Maybe it’s because Gyllenhaal’s bed-hopping meds-flogger Jamie falls for no-strings sex partner Maggie (Hathaway) who also happens to have Parkinson’s.

Maybe it’s because tonal shifts sweep the film into a conversation about drug dependence in the middle of post-coital montages and love. Deep, right?

But with the mood-manipulating soundtrack music, a gross-out brother (Josh Gad) and enough awkward sex scenes to ensure no one’s nudity clauses are compromised, it’s hard to view this as anything other than a smart update of Zwick’s About Last Night (1986).

Though Hathaway over-eggs her ‘ill’ scenes and Jake’s japing is pure cringe, when they’re together the duo generate serious sparks.


Sharp, softcore smutty, sweet and silly, Love & Other Drugs, like Viagra, provides an easy ‘up’ on a slow weekend.

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    • aliceISalive

      Jan 1st 2011, 22:02


      as far as rom-coms go it is up there with the best. the funny moments actually make you laugh, and although I didn't cry it is incredibly touching.

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    • mellyblue

      Jan 9th 2011, 16:53


      Though I've never been much of an Anne Hathaway fan I totally disagree with the comment in the review that 'Hathaway over-eggs her ‘ill’ scenes' and found it fairly offensive. My mother suffers from Parkinson's Disease and having watched her suffer with such a debilitating and frustrating disease for over 15 years I found Anne Hathaway's performance entirely accurate and applaud her for highlighting that everyday tasks that a person without Parkinson's would take for granted, such as opening a pill bottle or carrying a glass, become completely frustrating and almost impossible tasks for sufferers of the disease. Otherwise I found the film touching and as someone who never cries at films or tv programmes there were moments when I found I tear trickling down my cheek, most notably when Anne Hathaway's character goes to the 'Unconvention' and listens to the inspiring stories of other Parkinson's Sufferers. In most cases I have found Parkinson's to be be a highly misunderstood disease and if this film educates just a small number of people in what sufferers go through on a daily basis then I think it has done a great job. As far as the film as a form of entertainment goes (as clearly this is what most people will go to see it for) I found it funny in places, and of course looking at Jake Gyllenhaal naked for the best part of 2 hours is always going to be a hit with the ladies, myself included! As a rom-com, the film succeeds in its remit and definitely filled a cold and rainy tuesday afternoon, however I also found myself thinking about the film after I had left the cinema which rarely happens with such a film. I would recommend this film and would hope that anyone who does go to see it after reading this review and the Total Film review will now be able to decide for themselves whether Anne Hathaway was 'over-egging' the ill scenes.

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