Love The Beast


Eric Bana shows off his beast...

When Munich’s Eric Bana was 15, his dad bought him a clapped-out ’74 Ford Falcon XB Coupe, which he spent years tinkering with in his parents’ Melbourne garage.

Exploring Bana’s love of motors, this doc – his directing debut – is slight but unexpectedly sweet.

An eclectic line-up of talking heads – from Jeremy Clarkson to celebrity shrink Dr Phil – try to explain the actor’s obsession with his car (which almost killed him in a 2007 rally).

But the real fun lies in simply seeing Bana hanging with his mates, his proud parents and the beloved hunk of metal he’s nicknamed – you guessed it – ‘The Beast’.

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    • Taraw

      Nov 14th 2009, 1:13


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