Director Franck Khalfoun and writer Alexandre Aja remake William Lustig’s 1980 shocker

Undeterred by the horror that was P2, director Franck Khalfoun and writer Alexandre Aja now remake William Lustig’s 1980 shocker.

Transposed from a squalid NY to a bizarrely deserted LA, it sees Elijah Wood’s nutjob scalp his female kills to bring fleshy life to a gallery of mannequins.

The scuzz-chic visuals, sleaze-synth score and deep-cutting gore are effective, and shooting from the killer’s POV proves a valid USP.

But Wood, despite giving his all, cannot match Joe Spinell’s unhinged turn in the original: nightmares in a damaged brain indeed.

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    • esiambalboa

      Aug 18th 2013, 13:29


      One of the best horrors in recent years... Definitly not for everyone though...

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