Men On The Bridge


Three Istanbul inhabitants and their lives on the Bosphorus Bridge

Men on the Bridge

An insightful, understated social portrait from Turkish director Asli Özge – which, in its use of real stories and mostly non-professional actors, verges on documentary.

The focus is three Istanbul inhabitants whose daily lives take them onto the hectic Bosphorus Bridge dividing the city’s European and Asian sides.

Fikret illegally sells roses in the traffic jam; taxi driver Umut struggles to afford a better pad; and traffic cop Murat wrestles with net dating.

Showing a keen, compassionate eye for human observation, Özge reveals how each of his character’s lives is as gridlocked as the cars on the bridge.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 28th 2011
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    • chrischrischris

      Jan 27th 2011, 11:47


      I agree with the review, however it takes all of three seconds worth of research to find out that Asli Ozge is a woman, not a man, and I would think anyone writing for a magazine with such a wide readership as Total Film would be able to conduct themselves with enough professionalism to at least do a google search on the director of the film they're reviewing.

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