Talk about expendable

Four ex-SAS ‘mercenaries’ are hired to take down a dastardly, eye-patch wearing ‘Serbian’ warlord and rescue the ‘American’ ambassador in this cashless Brit cash-in on The Expendables.

With an anaemic-looking cast commando-rolling their way through the empty woods, it looks like footage from a team-building weekend where the whole office gets to star in their own action movie.

Gunshots sound like they were sampled off a videogame, muzzle flashes make the whole screen flash white and they somehow managed to convince Billy Zane to briefly appear as an exasperated American colonel. He’d have been better off in panto.

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    • FBGRoberts

      Jan 26th 2012, 12:41

      Aw I think Total FILM have misjudged this one. No need to be so harsh on these new, independent films. It looks brilliant, with loads of action, screaming and explosions. Okay, the sound effects are slightly airy, but you know, what they should have spent on actual sound effects, they put towards getting Billy Zane involved... Which, let's face it, was an intelligent move. Every film needs more Billy Zane.

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    • McSerious

      Jan 26th 2012, 13:30

      Listen to your friend Billy, he's a cool guy. Just watched trailer to this, looks pretty poor. Might watch it for s**ts n giggles.

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