Mr Peabody & Sherman


The days of future arf!

Sleekly airbrushed and upgraded with vertiginous 3D and a ‘Families come in all varieties’ message, this big-screen reboot of the ’60s US TV cartoon about a time-travelling canine genius and his adopted human son sits up and begs for your attention.

But there’s no bite in director Rob Minkoff’s (The Lion King) cutely gag-spattered history lessons, leaping whimsically from bratty King Tut to Leonardo’s mardy Mona Lisa when Sherman takes a forbidden joyride.

Despite top-notch visuals and versatile voice-work from Ty Burrell’s (Modern Family) doting doggy dad and Alison Janney’s monstrous social worker, it lacks the Up-style warmth to be best in show.

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    • matthewbrady

      Feb 19th 2014, 15:14


      This movie was like meet the robinsons. Mr. Peabody is a most intelligent dog and Sherman is his young adopted charge. Together, using his most brilliant invention, the WABAC machine, the two travel though time and experience history first hand. Yet their travels are not without consequence and the two find themselves having to repair history in order to save the future. This movie had good animation but the jokes didn't really work for me.

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