Mrs Brown's Boys: D'Movie


Nothing short of d’pressing

Abandon hope all ye who enter Mrs Brown’s Boys: D’Movie, the big-screen adaptation of Brendan O'Carroll's hugely popular BBC sitcom that will leave even the most fervent of fans disappointed by its abattoir of wit.

For while the TV show possesses a warm, ramshackle appeal, this story of granny Agnes Brown (O'Carroll) trying to save a Dublin market from d'foreigners (boo!) is not only out of its comfort zone, but full of cold, mean-spirited gags about the blind, an Indian man everyone thinks is Jamaican (um, LOL?) and O'Carroll's Mr Wang: an eyes-narrowed, 'I so ronery' Chinese caricature so dazzlingly racist it beggars belief.

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    • matthewbrady

      Jul 5th 2014, 13:07


      I wasn't really looking forward to this movie but I had hope this movie will be okay, But that's not the case here because I didn't laugh once during this movie. The cast did a job playing there characters but the movie has terrible writing and the jokes make me laugh.

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    • DaveyMay

      Jul 8th 2014, 12:23

      Arent jokes supposed to make you laugh?

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