One Chance


James Corden is Paul Potts

David Frankel’s (The Devil Wears Prada) schmaltzy biopic turns the story of Britain’s Got Talent success Paul Potts into a loser-takes-all heartstring-tugger.

James Corden projects vulnerability as the mobile-phone salesman turned operatic sensation, whose path to an audience with Simon Cowell (one of the film’s producers) takes in a disapproving dad (Colm Meaney), mishaps and a romance with Boots worker Julie-Ann (Alexandra Roach).

Potts does the singing himself, but that doesn’t stop Justin Zackham’s (The Big Wedding) contrived script from sounding bum notes throughout.

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    • srstephen234

      Oct 24th 2013, 1:12

      Wow, Mackenzie Crook in another crappy comedy movie, who would've guest. And here's me thinking that it having James Corden would've been a sure sign quality. It's hard to show sarcasm in text.

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