One Direction: This Is Us


Morgan Spurlock shoots 1D... in 3D

They get on great, the fans are ace, they love their mums but sometimes the workload is a bit crazy.
Curveballs are rare in this pop-umentary on Earth’s biggest boyband; but with lengthy gig clips, lots of cute mucking-about (segways, disguises, hiding in wheelie bins) and Harry’s shirt off within the first 10 minutes, Directioners won’t be disappointed.
On message and on best behaviour, Morgan Spurlock upholds docu-clichés (childhood photos, time-lapse set-building) but brings fizz to the 3D songs and presents the fab five as your typical, likeable, everyday millionaire idols.

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    • thedanieljson

      Aug 29th 2013, 15:17

      I think reviewers need to start expecting a little more of documentaries, especially of this sort of ilk. This, Katy Perrys, and Justin Biebers films have all got generally positive reviews. And yet it has been said by all that none of them have even slightly touched upon the more dangerous or controversial aspects behind all these pop-icons. Entertaining they may be, but aren't documentaries meant to be about unearthing truths and showing a glimpse of what we wouldn't normally see in day to day trash publications? It all just feels like a cynical cash grab (and I've a sneaking suspiscion that this is exactly that) otherwise.

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