Mail-bugging immigrants flock to British shores for the chance at a better life

London: home to Liz, Lock, Stock and them Mail-bugging immigrants who flock to the UK’s shores to offer better lives for the folks back home. Wow. What bastards.

One such immigrant is Polish Adam (Jakub Tolak, puppy-eyed), who follows older brother Jan (Przemyslaw Sadowski, Van Damme-alike) to the Big Smoke after his father dies. But Jan’s been hardened by years of unremitting struggle; can Adam trust him? And what of new Russian sweetheart Anna (Alexis Raben)?

TV director Dominic Lees’ uncompromisingly drab drama plays for gritty thrills, but unravels its self-consciously relevant yarn at a crawl that kills any tension-leavening spills.

The gorgeous cinematography means this is a polished attempt at a bigger canvas, but ultimately Lees’ film is just The Bill on the big screen.

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    • duncan1964

      May 15th 2009, 13:51


      The dark side of London is on display in this story of a Polish boy arriving in the capital looking for his brother. His involvement with immigrant buliders, a russian girl trying to avoid deportation and the police makes for a riviting tale, that makes London look decidedly seedy

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