Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones


More meek-quel than sequel...

Having presumably tired of haunting middle-class WASPs, the demonic big bad from the Para-franchise targets Latino teenagers in this largely laughable spin-off, a sort of-sequel that only dovetails with the 2007 original via a strained coda and its use of the increasingly tired-looking found-footage gimmick.

The chief influence here seems to be Chronicle, as hero Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) miraculously acquires super-powers after investigating a neighbour’s murder.

Beyond his new abilities, the only true point of interest is wondering how Jesse keeps the camera on and in focus even when bodies are falling from the sky and he’s being pursued by knife-wielding witches.

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    • katienelson

      Jan 4th 2014, 2:10


      Such an awesome movie! FYI, I just seen Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones online for free at moviesatyou dot com

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    • Mattsimus

      Jan 4th 2014, 9:39


      Regardless of whether the film is good or not, this review (If you can call it that) is awful!!!........ Did you actually get paid to write this?

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    • matthewbrady

      Jan 31st 2014, 18:47


      We got Devils due and parnormal activity 5 coming soon this year and am not looking forward to thoses two. Parnormal Activity the mark ones. this movie is a lame and lazy scary movie with a boring weak plot.

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