Thought-provoking doc on the impact meat-eaters have on the planet

Planeat review

Stop! Step away from the Big Mac! You are what you eat... and so is the planet, according to this brisk little agitdoc about our animal-based diet and its global impact.

Filmmakers Shelley Davies and Or Shlomi talk to scientists, surgeons and chefs, challenging us to rethink our meat and dairy addiction.

Highlighting links between protein consumption and cancer, beef farming and climate change, the film’s holistic viewpoint is punchy and inspirational.

Don’t go veggie just for the li’l animals: do it for your liver and the environment.

Forceful stuff, though we can take or leave the kale sandwiches.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 20th 2011
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    • narmour1

      May 23rd 2011, 9:09


      Animal rights.... animals have the right to be tasty

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