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Powder review

The biggest problem with most films about fictional bands is that they’re not Spinal Tap.

Adapting Kevin Sampson’s rock-lit exposé into an overwrought ramble through the shallow highs and bloated lows of fast-found indie success, first-time director Mark Elliot leaves the dial somewhat lower than 11.

Following teenage rockers The Grams from grungy nightclubs to a holiday in Ibiza, Liam Boyle lip-synchs awkwardly along to James Walsh’s voice and mopes around festivals looking troubled.

The cast make a sound effort, but sadly you’ll find a more searing indictment of the modern music scene in the Jonas Brothers movie.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 26th 2011
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    • siobhanish

      Aug 13th 2011, 20:17

      If you had taken the time to watch the film you would be aware that neither Johnny Marr nor Agyness Deyn star in this film. Such a shame that reviewers don't even bother to see a film before writing about it.

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    • blanco

      Aug 15th 2011, 13:06


      Oh dear. Yet another reviewer who's just read a press cutting or tweet and based his review on that without actually seeing the film. Total Film should sack him. At a time when it's becoming increasingly difficult for British Indies to get films made, we should be supporting our British film industry and Independents, not savaging them! Liam Boyle is amazing in this and so is his voice. One of my favourite five films I've seen this year. Can't wait for the soundtrack. Shame on the reviewer though. A lazy journalist and a very cheap shot.

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    • thejonner

      Aug 26th 2011, 13:59

      @blanco While it IS indeed great to see independent British films being made, that by no means gives them free passes in terms of quality or reviews. I've no idea whether or not the reviewer actually saw the film, but if they haven't, then I agree with you that they ought to be binned. However, just because low budget films are out there doesn't mean that they're necessarily going to be any good and should be supported regardless. In much the same way that one would hope and expect a big budget blockbuster with no heart (or art) to be savaged by the critics, so should any other film, regardless of budget or country of origin. At the end of the day, critics can't tell you what to watch, but they can advise you as to the best use of your money. It's up to you what you do with it. Also, it's not Liam Boyle singing the songs, but it's nice of you to mention his voice.

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