Project X


High School Hangover

Tired of being zeroes, three high-school guys decide to raise their game by throwing an epic house party. Word spreads, too many people turn up and the night inevitably blazes out of control.

Lensed handheld and cast with unknowns (for added docu-realism), Project X immerses/drowns you in its mushrooming carnage. Pity, then, that this Todd Phillips production leaves a worst taste than a bowl of dodgy Doritos.

Pandering shamelessly to 15-year-old boys, it’s sexist, obnoxious and, unlike the superior Superbad, mean-spirited – especially if you’re a dog or a dwarf.

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    • FBSHarrigan

      Mar 19th 2012, 17:42

      The title of the article sums this film up quite adequately. The Hangover sadly lowered the bar for comedy; as with any successful movie, imitators are not that unlikely. Everything seems scaled down to be a high school version of the The Hangover: the humor, the situation, the characters are all very reminiscent, though this seems the wrong word for a movie that is not that old, of the movie. Truly, the movie provides some cheap laughs and is not offensive or harmful. It is just that the revival of the Party Movie seems to me to be something no one really asked for and no one knows what to do with. The trailer makes absolutely no attempt to hide what it was inspired by:

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