Punisher: War Zone


Third time lucky for the big screen Punisher?

This is Hollywood’s third attempt to adapt the bleak, ultra-violent Marvel comics character to the big screen.

Wisely stepping away from the universes established by the cartoony Dolph Lundgren version (1989) and the conflicted Thomas Jane model (2004), Punisher: War Zone has more in common with 2007’s vengeance driven Death Sentence, as Ray Stevenson’s tank of a vigilante and
some rogue cops hack through an army of street-gang psychos led by an insane mobster named Jigsaw (The Wire’s Dominic West).

It’s an orgy of gore and ill will that takes place in a kingdom of rain and perpetual human misery. A posturing toughness pervades every frame – even the director, Lexi Alexander (Green Street), is a former kickboxing champion.

Don’t expect nuance or happy endings, but do bring a raincoat for all the showers of blood. If you didn’t find The Dark Knight dark enough, then wade right in.

Ken McIntyre

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    • ELLC21

      Feb 7th 2009, 15:57


      What a disappointment! I was a big fan of the first two films even the Dolph Lungdren version had its good points dispite it been made for only around 50 euro. Thomas Jane's 2004 film was a great action film and it really captured the spirit of the punisher. The Punisher War Zone however loses the plot completely. Ray Stevenson is too old and too serious for the part, the action scenes are so over the top they are beyond silly. Dominic West's jigsaw is the most ridiclous villian i have ever seen in a movie and his brother looney bin Jim, Rasperberry awards are a certain. The best thing about this film was the cool movie poster outside the cinema.

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    • stl30

      Feb 10th 2009, 1:05


      Silly and violent, but thats really what you should, and the fans do expect.

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    • duncan1964

      May 15th 2009, 14:09


      Insanely violent comic book movie with Brit Ray Stevenson, unfortunately, giving a charisma free performance in the title role. The blatant nods to Tim Burtons Batman dont do it any favours either. Still, for lovers of comic book gore, its a must see

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