Reign Over Me


Nobody throws a strop like Adam Sandler and he gets plenty of opportunities in this story of a traumatised widower who can’t cope with losing his family on 9/11. Luckily for him he has his own personal intervention in Don Cheadle, his former roommate turned Park Avenue dentist who makes it his mission to make his old pal face his demons. Unluckily for us, that’s just the first stage in a protracted rehabilitation yarn that, for all writer/ director Mike Binder’s good intentions, plays suspiciously like Unhappy Gilmore. While you can’t fault Sandler for bringing some new kinks to his man-child persona, there’s something cynically exploitational about piggy-backing his movie-of-the-week misery to an international tragedy. And if Binder reveals a keen ear for buddy banter, his female characters – notably Saffron Burrows as a deranged patient who offers to fellate Cheadle in his office – leave a lot to be desired.


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  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 20th 2007

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    • somers16

      Mar 22nd 2009, 15:18


      I can't believe you gave this a 2 stars, thats disgraceful. It was a brllianty acted film with a strong narrative. Didn't hold on to much to the sympathy of 9/11 like some other films. It mostly focused on the friendship and how much people are willing to do to help a friend. Great to see Adam Sandler acting in a serious role as he does brilliantly and also brings in some dark comedy. 9/10 is my overall rating for keeping me gripped and totally sympathetic Charlie Finemans family and loss.

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