Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion

Reincarnated documents the death of Snoop Dogg and the birth of Snoop Lion: the rapper’s new reggae alter ego that’s grounded in “peace and love and struggle”.

It’s a premise that sounds like the silliest of celebrity vanity but is, in fact, presented as an endearing portrayal of Rastafari culture, spiritual exploration and Snoop’s own past, present and future.

First-time director Andy Capper observes the star without judgement as he desperately tries to court Jamaican acceptance as a modern-day Marley.

It helps if you’re a Snoop fan, but either way this is a strange, fascinating watch.

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    • esiambalboa

      Aug 18th 2013, 13:28


      Not too bad actually, I thought it'd be another I'M STILL HERE (Joaqin Phoenix) but Snoop seems to have a genuine love and respect for Jamaica and takes his "spiritual journey" pretty serious... Although most of the journey consists of him smoking weed that's growing naturally in the forests... There's no riveting resolution where he becomes a changed man or anything though it's all pretty down to earth and should perhaps just be seen as spending a vacation with Snoop for a month more than Snoop Dogg being reborn as Snoop Lion or anything... Good watch nevertheless...

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