Run For Your Wife


Run for the exit

Ray Cooney’s execrable film adaptation of his long-running stage comedy about a London cabbie with two unsuspecting wives doesn’t even count as a missed opportunity.

Vanity project is nearer the mark, thanks in part to the gallery of “theatre chums” the veteran farceur has press-ganged into contributing cameos.

Cliff Richard as a busker, Judi Dench as a bag lady, Lionel Blair as a gay neighbour (not to mention Russ Abbot, Richard Briers, Ray Winstone, Sylvia Syms and Rolf Harris)... it’s one long, laughter-averse ordeal studded with D-listers short of panto work.

The leads are no better, Danny Dyer, Denise Van Outen and Sarah ‘Girls Aloud’ Harding giving performances that’ll make you run for the exit.

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    • socialcareer

      Jan 31st 2013, 11:53

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 31st 2013, 18:16

      If you put Neil Morrisey in your film, you are just asking for a kicking.

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    • matthewbrady

      Dec 29th 2013, 3:39


      This movie has been hated by critics and most people but the one thing that I can agree on is the main character is such a Bad lair I mean Jim carry character in Lair Lair will look at this and be thinking "b***h please". the movie itself felt a bit unfunny and selfish at times but I am giving it two stars because I liked a couple of sense and this movie to me is not as Bad as people say it is but that's just me.

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