She's Out Of My League


Nerd meets girl - makes harmless romcom

She's Out Of My League review

She's Out Of My League review - Scrawny nerd Kirk (Jay Baruchel) falls for vision of loveliness Molly (Alice Eve); he has a shit job and lives with his parents, she has lots of cash, humanitarian hobbies, big boobs and no pants. Relationship turbulence follows.

This first feature from director Jim Field Smith attempts to matchmake the bromantic warmth of Knocked Up with the gross-outs of American Pie but ends up rather generic and just a tad on the sexist side.

Still, a sweet message about self-worth, a handful of decent gags and an endearing turn from likeable everyman Baruchel make this run-of-the mill romcom an amiable diversion.

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    • Alesia259

      Jan 21st 2011, 21:59

      This was a really funny movie and touching at the same time. It had really funny scenes but it was like watching a real life relationship. Thanks for the synopsis for anyone who didn't see the movie and would like to. Alesia from Data Recovery Experts

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    • Luanna259

      Jan 22nd 2011, 3:54

      She;s out of my league was a great, funny, feel-good movie. This is a good movie for anyone who is looking for a romantic comedy. It's a little raunchy at parts but otherwise, was a really good movie. Thanks Luanna - Personal Loans Manager

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    • TenaciousMe

      Jun 3rd 2011, 0:26


      Meh, seen better

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