Pakistan's answer to the cast of Hollyoaks...


A dramatised look at Islamabad’s rich, idle hipsters, Hammad Khan’s low-budget debut is a laudable but laboured twist on slackerdom.

Latently political, Khan’s on-the-fly filming documents a vibrant, modern side of Pakistan in lockstep with western pop culture, yet ignored by scaremongering media. Trouble is, noble intentions aren’t matched by execution.

Following Hasan (Shahbaz Shigri), Khan avoids Taliban stereotypes only to emphasise commonality through dreary teen soap.

Ultimately, the flat visuals and low-intensity angst make Islamabad feel a lot like Hollyoaks.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: November 28th 2010
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    • egipt

      Dec 7th 2010, 11:50

      Slackistan, though not without flaws, was a unique and telling film told through a Pakistani lens, one of many into the country’s rich and vibrant society. As a fellow Islamabadi, it was not only a very real depiction of life in the city that always sleeps, but it was also a genuine attempt to capture the uninspired underpinnings of this slice of society, a wake up call for the apathetic and the affluent.egipt last minute egipt turcja grecja wakacje hiszpania wakacje tunezja last minute gran canaria last minute

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