Sleep Furiously


A beautiful documentary about life in rural Wales

The spirit of Dylan Thomas hovers over this lyrical documentary about a Welsh farming community.

Village life revolves around the herding of sheep, the walking of dogs and the regular visits from the mobile library – yet Gideon Koppel’s film is a good deal artier than your average episode of Countryfile.

Full of majestic long-shots of tractors and farm animals crossing bleak expanses of hillside, Sleep Furiously quietly impresses with its poetic vision of a world threatened by modernisation.

It’s unusually tender and eccentric, and Koppel’s personal sadness at the passing of this way of life is palpable.

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    • Stefanher

      Jul 17th 2009, 12:09


      Gorgeously beautiful, understated almost to extremes, at times very funny & very moving. Don't expect at thrill a minute- go to it expecting an extremely slow moving documentary about a dying community & you'll be impressed. I think it has been overpraised in some quarters but 4 stars seems a good compromise.

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