Something To Believe In


Cancer patient Maggie (Maria Pitillo, a lead in this summer's Godzilla) journeys to Naples after reading about the healing powers of a weeping Madonna. She meets up with drippy pianist Mike (William McNamara), who learns from a Vatican specialist (played by veteran serial-underachiever Tom Conti) that the miracle is a fake. But can the ignorant Maggie muster up enough `faith' to believe that she can be healed? Well, Hollywood obviously thinks so.

Directed by John Hough in a tacky, soulless style that's reminiscent of a US daytime soap, this is a fluffy instant whip of schmaltz and glossy caricature. Conti's typically charismatic performance fails to hide the formulaic, syrupy script, nor the leads' blatant lack of on-screen chemistry. Something To Believe In is probably one of the worst love stories to muddy the silver screen in recent years.

Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 8th 1998

User Reviews

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