Sorority Row


Girls club together in this tongue-in-cheek teen horror

When a botched prank staged by the sisters of Theta Pi results in one of their own being killed, the girls decide to cover up the crime.

Before anyone can snort “Enough already, I know what you did last summer,” students are being gleefully hacked up by a masked menace with a pimped-out tyre iron.

This update of 1983’s The House On Sorority Row mostly clings to formula but isn’t quite as dumb as it looks, offsetting predictable plot beats with a snarky sense of humour.

Leader of the pack is Leah Pipes as a gloriously callous ice queen (“Let’s wash the blood off in the lake and get back to the party!”), while a nifty, Halloween-nodding reverse-chase scene injects invention.

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    • dthekidd2005

      Sep 28th 2009, 2:00


      Generic slasher film with too many boobs it know what to do with. The deaths are relatively inventive but not that original. Have any of them seen scream. Never wander off on your own. The huge flaw with this film isnt the bad acting or predictable deaths that you expect from this sort of thing. Its actually the "reveal" of the killer. Really?? That guy?? With no motive and complete indefference to the dead chick who started this hole mess, really? Clearly after writing themselves into a corner by pretty much proving that none of the obvious people are the killer quite early on you are left with the only character not part of the sorority in any way but still has more than two lines. Also who cares if a few s**tty sorority chick get killed. Surely the world is better off without sti ridden chicks with fake boobs and orange skin? Yawn fatcor is quite high for this film but there are plenty of breats on show to keep the iterest above zero. Just.

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    • Rachie

      Nov 16th 2009, 11:20


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