Space Chimps


From visionary writer/director Kirk De Micco, the fluff-meister behind kiddie-fare like Casper's Scare School and Peter Cottontail: The Movie, comes this relentlessly giddy CG ‘toon about a Simian space shuttle crew led by reluctant hero Ham III (SNL rubberface Andy Samberg), a goofball known more for his banana peel gags than his navigational skills. But when an opportunistic senator (Stanley Tucci) sends Ham and his crew to search for life on a savage planet a wormhole away, the chimps get serious. Well, as serious as cartoon monkeys can get, anyway. Space Chimps tries to please both kids and parents with a queasy mix of rapid-fire, Looney Tunes-y slapstick and sly pop culture references, but the surprisingly flat animation and tired jokes keep it from ever leaving orbit.



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    • Dominc

      Jun 17th 2009, 20:59


      Boring not even my little brother liked it. I laughed at one bit lone but the rest of the film is c**p.

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