Spare Parts


A bleak, atmospheric people-smuggling drama, Spare Parts takes the perspective of a couple of small-time traffickers operating out of the Slovenian industrial town of Krsko.

Middle-aged and widowed, former speedway champion Ludvik (Peter Musevski) hires youngster Rudi (Aljosa Kovacic) to help him ferry illegal immigrants across the border into Italy. They operate a chilling business: a family suffocates in a car boot; a young Macedonian woman sells her body for food and medicine; and there's further hardship to come in the form of cancer and guilt. Yet director Damjan Kozole also explores the tentative friendship that develops between his protagonists, sifting through their grim existences to find some humanity.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 12th 2004

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