Taking Liberties


"Cunts are running the world!" sings Jarvis Cocker over the credits of Chris Atkins' documentary, a fitting sentiment with which to end this angry howl of protest at how civil liberties have been eroded under Blair's premiership. Don't expect even-handedness here: from the innocent man put under indefinite house arrest to the banker extradited to the US on the slimmest of pretexts, this unashamedly partisan rabble-rouser puts its case as emotively as possible. That said, it's no more one-sided than an 82-year-old being manhandled from a Labour Party conference. Though its arguments are somewhat woolly and its use of dual narrators (David Morrissey, Ashley Jensen) dubious, this remains a powerful call-to-arms against an insidious foe. Now if you'll excuse us, there seem to be 14 armed officers in our living room...


Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 8th 2007

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