Taxi Zum Klo


A much needed re-release for this gay cinema classic

Taxi Zum Klo review

A 30th anniversary reissue, this landmark work of gay cinema was the openly autobiographical debut of late German writer-director Frank Ripploh.

The story of mismatched lovers, Frank (an engaging Ripploh) is a West Berlin primary school teacher who spends evenings cruising for men while his partner Bernd (Bernd Broaderup) prefers quiet nights in.

A refreshingly non-judgemental and amusing portrait of homosexuality in the pre-AIDS era, Taxi Zum Klo matter-of-factly addresses the mundane and the perverse.

But the real question here is not sexuality, but how to live as a couple.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 22nd 2011
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